The original testimonial that Greenman’s Beebalm helps heal cold sores

My recent experience with Facebook/Shopify caused me to reflect on my claim that that Beebalm can help heal cold sores. The thing is, EVERY TIME time I get feedback when I supply a tube of BeeBalm to someone who has a cold sore, they say its a really good remedy:

  1. immediate comforting of sore
  2. over a day or so the sore/blister stops growing and dries out
  3. over the next few days the skin heals.

It’s logical really, Tea Tree Oil and Beeswax and Wheat Germ Oil have been known to provide anti viral, skin care and vitamin E properties for a long time.

In some cases, people have been using pharmacy medications to no avail, and even feel a bit desperate, and found BeeBalm to work. And they tell me, so I feel confident about recommending this as a remedy. I’m going get more testimonials organised. In the meantime, below is the original testimonial from my original blog that made me feel I should share my confidence with others.

Alicia’s letter (2012)

With permission, address withheld.

Re: Greenman BeeBalm

From: Alicia (address withheld)

Date:: Saturday, 8 September 2012, 19:58
Hello Russell
The BeeBalm works well. I have so far have not got a cold sore (knock on wood). I use the BeeBalm almost everyday and even gave one to my mother.
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Alicia’s original paypal note (with her order for two tubes of BeeBalm)
“i heard that this will work for cold sores. im going to cross my fingers. i been having cold sores for a very long time. i frist got one at the age of 7 or 8.”




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