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Cold sore remedies

Green man vine9 - webThere’s is a great, well researched and referenced account of how cold sores work on Disabled World. We can’t get rid of cold sores permanently, because the virus (Herpes Simplex) lives in our body and comes to the surface to reproduce when conditions are right. It likes warm, wet, acid environments – like around your lips. When your natural skin defences are down – say during sunburn, or winter wind and cold dehydration the virus surfaces and multiplies by invading vulnerable skin cells so causing the sore blister.

Remedy and Prevention: We can make conditions hard for the virus when it surfaces, and we can help our skin to heal, for example with the natural remedies in Greenman’s BeeBalm. In my experience daily use of BeeBalm keeps my lips in healthy condition and any cold sores are infrequent (around once a year, usually when I don’t use the balm for a few days), minor and brief (three days from tingle to gone).

There are many other natural remedies detailed in the Disabled World story – for more, click here:

To buy Greenman’s lipbalm, click here:


The original testimonial that Greenman’s Beebalm helps heal cold sores

My recent experience with Facebook/Shopify caused me to reflect on my claim that that Beebalm can help heal cold sores. The thing is, EVERY TIME time I get feedback when I supply a tube of BeeBalm to someone who has a cold sore, they say its a really good remedy:

  1. immediate comforting of sore
  2. over a day or so the sore/blister stops growing and dries out
  3. over the next few days the skin heals.

It’s logical really, Tea Tree Oil and Beeswax and Wheat Germ Oil have been known to provide anti viral, skin care and vitamin E properties for a long time.

In some cases, people have been using pharmacy medications to no avail, and even feel a bit desperate, and found BeeBalm to work. And they tell me, so I feel confident about recommending this as a remedy. I’m going get more testimonials organised. In the meantime, below is the original testimonial from my original blog that made me feel I should share my confidence with others.

Alicia’s letter (2012)

With permission, address withheld.

Re: Greenman BeeBalm

From: Alicia (address withheld)

Date:: Saturday, 8 September 2012, 19:58
Hello Russell
The BeeBalm works well. I have so far have not got a cold sore (knock on wood). I use the BeeBalm almost everyday and even gave one to my mother.
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Alicia’s original paypal note (with her order for two tubes of BeeBalm)
“i heard that this will work for cold sores. im going to cross my fingers. i been having cold sores for a very long time. i frist got one at the age of 7 or 8.”



A fresh batch of Body Oil – Greenman’s luxuriant golden skin tonic to remind you of summer

Golden Wheatgerm

Golden, organic, unrefined, French wheatgerm oil – good for your skin

Golden and luxuriant in an understated, earthy way. Frankincense from Somalia, Moroccan rose absolute, unrefined, organic wheat germ oil from France, jojoba oil from Arizona, these are all wonderful, warm tonics for your skin. Counterpointed with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus to lend an antiseptic quality and keep the balance of your skin just right. Perfect for moisturising, shaving, rubbing into your hair, or beard, between your toes, wherever. Not tested on animals, but tested on ourselves since 1994. It’s made with the expensive premium products but we just can’t give them up!

380_12.08.04_Body_OilSo we made a fresh batch…. we have a limited quantity of 30ml bottles with spray tops for £10 plus post and packing… click on the link below to go to our Palpay buy buttons, and we’ll post to you.

Buy Body Oil –

Fresh supplies of Beebalm winter skin defense for Manuka wholefoods, Chichester

Bee Balm TT prod shotManuka Whole Foods of Chichester has taken delivery of a fresh batch of Greenman’s BeeBalm with organic Tea Tree Oil, a fantastic defence against cold, dryness and winter bugs around lips and nose. So pop into Manuka and stock up on your winter skin protector!


Green Valleys honey and tea shop in Brighton’s Open Market now stocking Greenman’s BeeBalm and PureBee organic lip balms

The very lovely ethical and friendly Green Valley shop stocks a huge variety of honey and bee products, including propolis. As of last week they are also stocking Greenman’ lip balm range, made with pure African organic beeswax.

Green Valley is in Brighton’s Open Market, off London Road, in the town centre. The proprietor Krzysztof is a bee enthusiast, and his blog this week carries a photo of the beehive he intends to place on the roof of the Old Market

Here’s the link to Green Valleys Shop:

If you cant make it into Green Valley, buy online:

A cure for hay-fever? a testimonial for BeeBalm beeswax lip balm

Bee Balm TT prod shot

BeeBalm lip balm contains organic beeswax from Ethiopian forests – community farmed using traditional African methods, far from civilisation and totally pure! other ingredients are wheat germ oil, Jojoba and tea tree oil. Lovely! Click the image for more info

One of my customers took the trouble to let me know she is using BeeBalm to cure hay-fever symptoms. She was suffering really badly, sneezing, runny nose, red streaming eyes. She was using shop -bought hayfever tablets, which were reasonably effective, but then she thought of rubbing BeeBalm on her nose and eyes – and the symptoms have almost completely disappeared. Beeswax contains traces of bee pollen, which is used to help with hayfever, and I guess the wax also traps pollen, as Marta suggests. Her testimonial is copied below:

In her own words: My hayfever started at the beginning of June this year (every year it’s different but it happens always in Spring/early Summer when the pollen is in the air) and as the air was very dry and windy, it’s been really bad – the antihistamin pills I was taking were helping only for a few hours and I’m not really in favour of taking pills. I’ve started putting lip balm on my eyelids and around my nostrils and it works great! (I guess it stops pollen from entering the body) – I do it every few hours, it depends on weather conditions – but don’t need the pills anymore! I still happen to sneeze or have itchy eyes, but with the lip balm it happens only couple of times a day (whilst before I was sneezing at least couple of hundred times). And it smells really nice 🙂 Highly recommended!

Marta P, Brighton

For more info on Beebalm and how to buy it please visit my website:

Organic lip balm in central Brighton: ethical food store Hisbe now stocking Greenman’s BeeBalm and PureBee

2015-02-05 14.521 February 2015. Brighton’s fabulous natural organic balms – BeeBalm and PureBee – are now on sale Brighton’s new ethical food store, Hisbe, on London Road.

Pictured left are the lipbalms on the counter at Hisbe, the front entrance of Hisbe opposite St Peters and a pic of the interior of Hisbe.

“Hisbe” stands for “how it should be”,  and reflects the aspirations of the shop to put happiness before profits – to promote good food, make fair profits and pay fair wages, among other things.

Apart from stocking the best natural lip balm (see Greenman’s main website for more details), Hisbe also stocks bulk pulses and grains so you can bring your own containers, and has great prices for organic foods and bodycare products.

It’s that time of year again! Break out the lip balm! Cold sore prevention as autumn approaches

Russ - Beebalm1

A photo of me applying Beebalm in the nick of time!

Earlier today a friend (MP) texted me – she had lost the tube of BeeBalm I gave her last year, and she felt a cold sore coming on. Could I meet her and bring a new tube?

So it must be that time of year again. Although it’s not yet cold, change is in the air, and cold sores start to appear. So I’m posting this post for people who Google “How to prevent cold sores” and “Cure cold sores”. It’s the reason I keep on making BeeBalm, because people I know use it, and it works. So I would like to spread the word.

There is not much new to say, just a reminder to help your skin’s natural defences by eating well and being happy, by not using harsh chemicals and detergents on your skin, and if necessary by lightly applying natural organic oils and organic beeswax.

I make a lip balm that fits the bill perfectly – here’s the link:

My experience of dealing with skin problems including cold sores

I studied Biochemistry and Forestry and used to work in publishing. I used to get cold sores but no longer! (Cross fingers touch wood!) Here’s my opinion. Apart from the obvious advice to live well and eat good organic food, what to do if cold sores start?

The best antiseptic oil in my view is Tea Tree. It is well known as an anti viral oil – check it out in Wikipedia. Only problem some people are sensitive to Tea Tree – it’s too strong for some skins. In any event you should use it diluted in oil, or the most convenient way is in a lip balm. Use a lip balm that is made with beeswax, this will form a protective layer on your skin and help your lips heal themselves. During winter I use Tea Tee lip balm and I don’t really get cold sores anymore. This last winter I didn’t bother, a little one started, and I applied the TeaTree balm and it went the next day. I started making my own my own at home using organic beeswax because you don’t want to be putting non organic beeswax on your face – could contain pesticides and antibiotics. I also prefer to use community farmed products if I can – rather than industrial produce. So I use organic beeswax from African forest communities. I also include jojoba oil because its got oils similar to human skin, and wheat germ oil because its got vitamin E. It really works for me and my friends.

Bee Balm TT prod shot lrYes, I do sell it under my Greenman label, I’ve been selling in local shops and online since 2010. It’s called BeeBalm (Tea Tree). It’s stocked in Infinity Foods, Brighton, and Manuka Foods, Chichester, both in the UK. You can also buy it online from my website.

Good luck!

For more info on why I think Beebalm is so good at curing cold sores, click here: