About Greenman Bodycare

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Caring for your skin, naturally

Greenman makes organic lip balm, body oil and shave oil from natural, unrefined ingredients, in a small workshop in Brighton and Hove, England. Our balms are tried and trusted to provide moisturising, healing, and protection for lips and skin.

We obtain ingredients from ethical wholesalers and base our formulas on natural oils that have been cold pressed from organically farmed plants. They have not been refined and retain all their natural goodness, colours and aromas – so they smell and look lovely! We combine these with organic farmed or wild essential oils.

We also use organic beeswax from African forests. That way we utilise the purest natural product from organic, community farmed sources.

Neither products nor ingredients are tested on animals – instead, the ingredients have been tested by tradition and human use, including by Greenman Bodycare’s founder and friends.

Greenman’s natural ingredients have a tradition of use in skin care: nourishing, moisturising, providing protective barriers and antiseptic functions.


Humans are here to care for, and live in harmony with – and to enjoy – our environment. Greenman Bodycare makes skin care products that are ethical, organic and naturally good for you (and Gaia).

We make small batches by hand in the English City of Brighton and Hove. We use ingredients based on a tradition of use, natural and ethically farmed, and informed by modern practice. So our beeswax is farmed by local communities in Ethiopian forests using traditional methods, but is also organically certified, micro-filtered in the UK and our formulations conform to EU cosmetics regulation.

Please visit our website www.greenmanbodycare.com


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