Greenman PureBee Sensitive organic lip balm (1 x 4.5g tube)

Greenman PureBee
Lipbalm 4.5g tube

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Greenman’s PureBee is a natural lip balm formulated for sensitive skins using Camellia Oil and organic, community farmed beeswax for the following benefits.

Protect – Moisturise – Nourish
The lip balm combines two simple and classic ingredients: Beeswax as a waxy barrier to stop dehydration and protect from abrasion; and Camellia Oil to nourish the skin with vitamins and oils and protect it with antioxidants. The Japanese have used Camellia oils for hundreds of years for skin and hair care. Its made from the flowers of the Tea plant, which also provides the tea we drink (not to be confused with Tea Tree Oil).
Beeswax has long been used for skin care. It forms a waxy barrier to protect from abrasion and hold moisture in, but is breathable and doesn’t block pores. It doesn’t go rancid so it needs no preservatives. Greenman has tested alternatives to beeswax, but there are no vegan organic alternatives that work well, and are approved for cosmetics use by the EU cosmetics regulators. Greenman uses beeswax farmed by community beekeepers in Ethiopia, using traditional beekeeping methods. The beeswax is certified organic (Soil Association). We think that supporting organic, community beekeepers in a natural setting is good for bees and communities.


All the ingredients are organic farmed and minimally processed. None are chemically processed. They are not tested on animals, instead selected by long tradition of human use including by Greenman and friends.


All the ingredients are certified organic.

• Organic Beeswax

• Cold pressed, organic Camellia Oil – a vegetable oil

Directions for Use

Use as needed to protect lips.


We selected these ingredients because there are few reported sensitivities. Natural beeswax may contain propolis which may cause sensitivities such as a rash. So to be sure, test for sensitivity on your skin by applying a small amount on a patch of skin 24 hours before use.

EU labelling requirements for cosmetics

For external use only: don’t swallow or put in eyes. Store in a cool dark place away from children. If you are pregnant or unwell get medical advice before use.

INCI – International Names for Ingredients
Ingredients: Beeswax (Cera Alba), Camellia Oil.

SPD: Greenman’s PureBee is an organic lip balm formulated for sensitive lips and skin, to moisturise and protect, using Camellia Oil and community farmed Beeswax. Made with traditional, unrefined organic ingredients for a natural and nature-friendly approach to skin care. It’s packed in a pocket-friendly oval tube.