Greenman’s Mission

cropped-greenman-stone2-5.jpgGreenman’s voice is directed to men and women who feel their bodies are temples, and that nature, as well as our bodies, need protecting.

The makers at Greenman Bodycare use the idea of Greenman to guide our sourcing, making and selling of products that care for our bodies. Greenman is a mythical spirit. He embodies the ideal of mankind living in harmony with nature. Though he is a masculine spirit, it exists in us all as a compliment to the spiritual feminine.

Greenman’s founder realised from his own experience of skincare products made by industry in the 1980’s, that natural vegetable oils were best for his skin. He worked with ethical suppliers and safety assessors to develop the formula for our first product: the simple and healthy Greenman Shave Oil now rebranded as Greenman Body Oil. We then searched for organic, community-farmed beeswax for lip balm and found this in Africa, resulting in BeeBalm and PureBee lip balm.

Producing ethical products is a balancing act: product effectiveness, cost, organic sourcing, vegan ideals, living sustainably with animals, supporting communities are all factors we try to take into account.

We support the use of beeswax. We aim to support bee farmers who use natural methods. For more about this, click here.