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Organic lip balm in central Brighton: ethical food store Hisbe now stocking Greenman’s BeeBalm and PureBee

2015-02-05 14.521 February 2015. Brighton’s fabulous natural organic balms – BeeBalm and PureBee – are now on sale Brighton’s new ethical food store, Hisbe, on London Road.

Pictured left are the lipbalms on the counter at Hisbe, the front entrance of Hisbe opposite St Peters and a pic of the interior of Hisbe.

“Hisbe” stands for “how it should be”,  and reflects the aspirations of the shop to put happiness before profits – to promote good food, make fair profits and pay fair wages, among other things.

Apart from stocking the best natural lip balm (see Greenman’s main website for more details), Hisbe also stocks bulk pulses and grains so you can bring your own containers, and has great prices for organic foods and bodycare products.