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Beebalm used to heal a cold sore in hospital – testimonial from Poland

Bee Balm TT prod shotI just received a brilliant testimonial from Poland:

“I had a bad cold sore at the time I had to go to the hospital to give birth to my baby and I took a few of the (medicated) cold sore patches with me (not to pass the infection to my baby), but they only made my cold sore worse.

After couple of days my husband brought me my lip balm (Greenman tea tree BeeBalm) and after couple of days not only it helped to soothe it but my cold sore was gone completely.

Ada (Poland)”


Cold sore remedies

Green man vine9 - webThere’s is a great, well researched and referenced account of how cold sores work on Disabled World. We can’t get rid of cold sores permanently, because the virus (Herpes Simplex) lives in our body and comes to the surface to reproduce when conditions are right. It likes warm, wet, acid environments – like around your lips. When your natural skin defences are down – say during sunburn, or winter wind and cold dehydration the virus surfaces and multiplies by invading vulnerable skin cells so causing the sore blister.

Remedy and Prevention: We can make conditions hard for the virus when it surfaces, and we can help our skin to heal, for example with the natural remedies in Greenman’s BeeBalm. In my experience daily use of BeeBalm keeps my lips in healthy condition and any cold sores are infrequent (around once a year, usually when I don’t use the balm for a few days), minor and brief (three days from tingle to gone).

There are many other natural remedies detailed in the Disabled World story – for more, click here:

To buy Greenman’s lipbalm, click here:


The original testimonial that Greenman’s Beebalm helps heal cold sores

My recent experience with Facebook/Shopify caused me to reflect on my claim that that Beebalm can help heal cold sores. The thing is, EVERY TIME time I get feedback when I supply a tube of BeeBalm to someone who has a cold sore, they say its a really good remedy:

  1. immediate comforting of sore
  2. over a day or so the sore/blister stops growing and dries out
  3. over the next few days the skin heals.

It’s logical really, Tea Tree Oil and Beeswax and Wheat Germ Oil have been known to provide anti viral, skin care and vitamin E properties for a long time.

In some cases, people have been using pharmacy medications to no avail, and even feel a bit desperate, and found BeeBalm to work. And they tell me, so I feel confident about recommending this as a remedy. I’m going get more testimonials organised. In the meantime, below is the original testimonial from my original blog that made me feel I should share my confidence with others.

Alicia’s letter (2012)

With permission, address withheld.

Re: Greenman BeeBalm

From: Alicia (address withheld)

Date:: Saturday, 8 September 2012, 19:58
Hello Russell
The BeeBalm works well. I have so far have not got a cold sore (knock on wood). I use the BeeBalm almost everyday and even gave one to my mother.
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Alicia’s original paypal note (with her order for two tubes of BeeBalm)
“i heard that this will work for cold sores. im going to cross my fingers. i been having cold sores for a very long time. i frist got one at the age of 7 or 8.”



A fresh batch of Body Oil – Greenman’s luxuriant golden skin tonic to remind you of summer

Golden Wheatgerm

Golden, organic, unrefined, French wheatgerm oil – good for your skin

Golden and luxuriant in an understated, earthy way. Frankincense from Somalia, Moroccan rose absolute, unrefined, organic wheat germ oil from France, jojoba oil from Arizona, these are all wonderful, warm tonics for your skin. Counterpointed with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus to lend an antiseptic quality and keep the balance of your skin just right. Perfect for moisturising, shaving, rubbing into your hair, or beard, between your toes, wherever. Not tested on animals, but tested on ourselves since 1994. It’s made with the expensive premium products but we just can’t give them up!

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