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A cure for hay-fever? a testimonial for BeeBalm beeswax lip balm

Bee Balm TT prod shot

BeeBalm lip balm contains organic beeswax from Ethiopian forests – community farmed using traditional African methods, far from civilisation and totally pure! other ingredients are wheat germ oil, Jojoba and tea tree oil. Lovely! Click the image for more info

One of my customers took the trouble to let me know she is using BeeBalm to cure hay-fever symptoms. She was suffering really badly, sneezing, runny nose, red streaming eyes. She was using shop -bought hayfever tablets, which were reasonably effective, but then she thought of rubbing BeeBalm on her nose and eyes – and the symptoms have almost completely disappeared. Beeswax contains traces of bee pollen, which is used to help with hayfever, and I guess the wax also traps pollen, as Marta suggests. Her testimonial is copied below:

In her own words: My hayfever started at the beginning of June this year (every year it’s different but it happens always in Spring/early Summer when the pollen is in the air) and as the air was very dry and windy, it’s been really bad – the antihistamin pills I was taking were helping only for a few hours and I’m not really in favour of taking pills. I’ve started putting lip balm on my eyelids and around my nostrils and it works great! (I guess it stops pollen from entering the body) – I do it every few hours, it depends on weather conditions – but don’t need the pills anymore! I still happen to sneeze or have itchy eyes, but with the lip balm it happens only couple of times a day (whilst before I was sneezing at least couple of hundred times). And it smells really nice 🙂 Highly recommended!

Marta P, Brighton

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