In 2013, I received a brilliant testimonial from Poland:

“I had a bad cold sore at the time I had to go to the hospital to give birth to my baby and I took a few of the (medicated) cold sore patches with me (not to pass the infection to my baby), but they only made my cold sore worse.

After couple of days my husband brought me my lip balm (Greenman tea tree BeeBalm) and after couple of days not only it helped to soothe it but my cold sore was gone completely.

Ada (Poland)”

Alicia’s Letter: testimonial that Beebalm helps heal coldsores

I feel confident about recommending BeeBalm to help cold sores, because users tell me it works. Here, below, is the original testimonial from 2012 that made me feel I should share BeeBalm with others.

Alicia’s letter (2012)

  • With permission, address withheld.
  • Re: Greenman BeeBalm
  • From: Alicia (address withheld)
  • To: greenman@greenman.bz;
    Date: Saturday, 8 September 2012, 19:58
    Hello Russell
    The BeeBalm works well. I have so far have not got a cold sore (knock on wood). I use the BeeBalm almost everyday and even gave one to my mother.
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    Alicia’s original paypal note (with her order for two tubes of BeeBalm)
    “i heard that this will work for cold sores. im going to cross my fingers. i been having cold sores for a very long time. i frist got one at the age of 7 or 8.”